Add Five Strength Exercises to Your Basketball Training Program!

VCU Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Daniel Roose, takes you through the core of their movement exercises, and the focus here is on squats. You will have the opportunity to see five different squat exercises that can really help build strength. In addition, you will learn the proper techniques of each squat in order to get the most out of the lift. 

Basic Movements – Squats

Drill Setup: For equipment you will need two boxes, a kettlebell, a trap bar, a barbell bar, and free weights

Drill Breakdown:

Goblet Squat – while the athlete is standing on the boxes (one for each foot), they will bend over and lift up a kettlebell and perform a basic squat movement. Emphasis is placed on keeping shoulders back and getting your knees out.

Front Squat (Goblet Squat) – athlete is still elevated, but now they lift the kettlebell to just below their chin with their elbows out and hold this position as they perform reps of this squat.

Trap Bar Deadlift – athlete does a deadlift with the trap bar, touch the weight to the floor (be sure they get their hips back and knees out), pausing, and then exploding up to a standing position with the bar.

Bulgarian Split Squat – Stack the boxes and have the athlete stand in front of them. The athlete then should move one foot behind them to the top of the boxes; the bottom of their foot should be facing the ceiling. Balancing themselves on one foot, the athlete grabs two free weights and does a squat keeping their back straight and chest out. The athlete should then switch legs.

Front Squat – From the standing position, the athlete lifts the bar and positions it above their chest. Their elbows should point out and their hands facing the ceiling supporting the bar. The athlete will then perform reps of this squat.

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