Ball Handling Drills to Control the Offense and Reduce Turnovers!

Being able to take foot quickness and ball handling, and implementing it into eye hand coordination goes a long long way on the court each season. Myron Epps of the Aztec Basketball Academy takes those important skills and adds multiple ball skills to his foot quickness drills in order to maximize his player’s ability to control the ball in various situations. Turnovers play a huge role in the outcome of a game along with the ability to lead and control an offense. These ball handling agility workouts will help build body control while building essential ball skills at the same time!

Wall Quick Dribbles and Stationary Circuits

Drill Setup: Players move to the wall for their quick dribble reps. They then move to position themselves in front of the coach to execute two ball dribbling abilities.

Athlete Movements: Begin with dribbles moving in and out and then forward and backward, finishing with 15 side-to-side low dribbles and then transitioning to a high dribble. Following that is high low dribbles and figure eight dribbles, which transition into popcorn figure eights. The final phase is the juggling dribble.

Gain additional insight from this Championship Productions’ DVD “Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training – Workout 1.” See how you can learn more on Ball Handling.


Great ball handling drills to develop hand and eye
coordination! Having players move up and down cort will raise their skill level to even greater levels. Awesome drill coach! Thanks will definitely use them this fall(2015)

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