Basketball Coach Newsletter Issue #87

Improve Your Shot with Gregg Marshall’s Shooting Drill for Guards!

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In this clip, we will look at a shooting drill used in skill development practices with the guards at Wichita State. Led by Head Coach, Gregg Marshall, this drill will work on conditioning and shooting at game speed. Note the element of competition, will not only make the drill more interesting but help your players build their skills better.

Curl-Fade-Transition 3

Athlete Movements: Each player will shoot a series of 3 shots: an elbow curl shot from the baseline, backpedal into a shot on the wing, and then touch half-court and sprint into a 3-point shot. The player will then complete this quick series of 3 shots 3 times, for a total of 9 shots. Players are paired up and must keep track of the individual makes as well as team total, which adds a nice element of competition and concentration. The drill is then repeated on the opposite side of the floor.

Teaching Points:

  • Make good passes to the shooter
  • Emphasize sprinting hard into the transition 3-point shot

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