Create High Percentage Shots with the Attack and React Offense!

Attacking the rim creates gaps within a defense, and ultimately creates high percentage perimeter shots for your offense. Take Andrew Grantz’s attacking drills and skills and build your offensive mentality to attack the rim. Apply these attack and react concepts and provide your players with the open looks they desire. Teach your kids how to play the game, by teaching all fundamental movements that have made so many players and teams great throughout the years.

Attack and React Offense: Pass & Cut Phase

Athlete Movements: One player starts on the right or left slot and the other offensive player must start on the same side wing as the guard in the slot. A pass is made to the wing and the offensive player will make a face cut, back cut, or pull up for a jump shot. Once they have done multiple cuts of each, you add a coach as a defender. At this point you have your players learn how to read the defensive player’s movements. This process is continued and then mastered from the opposite side. This drill can be used from any location on the court that is no more than two passes away.

Teaching Points:

  • If the defender jumps to the ball, an automatic back cut is made
  • If the defender does not make an aggressive jump to the ball the player will face cut
  • Lastly, if the defender jumps back into help, the offensive player would pull up for a jump shot.

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