Work on Passing and Moving to Get More Open Shots!

Nick Cammarano is the Founder and Director of the Quality Basketball Instruction (QBI) Basketball Camps. His accolades include, almost 300-career wins in 15 seasons, including two undefeated (30-0) seasons.  This particular segment opens up with Coach Cammarano explaining the who, what and why details of the “Paint Cuts Drill” on the dry eraser board. He then shows you the drill on the court and you will see that this is great for teaching players the importance of constantly moving and passing, with a goal of getting a good look at the basket.

Paint Cuts Drill

Drill Setup: Coach Cammarano sets up the 1 at the top of the perimeter with the 2 and 3 on the corners.

Athlete Movements: When the coach says go, the 2 and 3 cut through the paint toward the opposite wings looking for a pass from the 1. Once the 2 and 3 are at the wings, the 1 passes to the 2 who gets into a good triple threat position, while the 1 down screens for the 3 coming toward the top of the perimeter. When the 3 reaches the top of the perimeter, he/she, receives a chest pass from the 2 on the wing, and then passes the ball to the 1 and screens for the 3 coming around the perimeter toward the top.

Teaching Points: Each player must catch the pass in a good triple threat position, execute an excellent offensive screen, and keep the ball moving while they keep moving around the perimeter.

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