Learn the Offensive and Defensive Keys in a Fast Break Situation!

Frank Allocco is the only coach in California history to take two schools to a state title. Allocco recently had the opportunity to be the Head Coach for the West Squad in the 2014 McDonald’s All-American Game. Watch as he uses on-court demonstration to show you how he has his players’ handle both the offensive and defensive side of a fast break. Coach Allocco provides you with excellent insight to get your players’ mindset ready for success.

Fastbreak 1 on 1

Drill Setup: Two players start at halfcourt, one on offense and one on defense, and they go through a 1 on 1 fast break.

Athlete Movements:  The offensive player’s job is to get to the rim, while the defensive player is responsible for keeping the ball out of the middle.

Teaching Points: Communication = Concentration: get your players to call out what they are doing in order to emphasize the skill. Encourage players to drive between the backboard.

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