Develop Low Post Awareness with Your Son or Daughter!

Sean Miller is the current men’s basketball coach at the University of Arizona. In his short tenure at Arizona, he has won two Pac 12 Championships and Pac 12 Coach of the Year honors. Coach Miller teaches his sons how to react in the post if you are being played on the high side or on the low side. He also talks about how not to panic and what to do if you’re being fronted on the block.

Low Post Awareness

Athlete Movements:  Before the player catches the ball, Miller stresses that he or she should have active feet before the entry pass is made, elbows out to establish position, and to have your feet in the air when the ball is in the air.

Once the player catches the ball with his or her’s back to the basket, he or she should chin the ball and be strong with it. In this situation it is better to take your time than to be in a rush. Coach Miller wants the offensive player to be aware of their opponent’s positioning and then to go opposite of where the defense is playing.

Teaching Points:

  1. Active feet before the entry pass is made
  2. Elbows out while establishing position
  3. Ball in the air, feet in the air
  4. Chin the ball once you catch it
  5. Get an idea of your opponent’s positioning and then make your move

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