Push the Ball Up the Court Quicker Using Proper Passing Techniques!

Jerry Petitgoue is truly a coaching legend for high school boys’ basketball not only in the state of Wisconsin, but also in the country. When instructional videos first began coach Petitgoue was one of the first coaches to exhibit the skills and drills coaches could implement for success. Years later, coach Petitgoue is still at it! In this passing drill, coach Petitgoue puts all of the essential elements together to properly push the ball up the court. Coach’s design allows his team to work on not only pushing the ball up the court with quick outlets, but getting the ball to the middle of the court in order to break any press. 

State Passing Drill

Drill Setup: This drill is a full court drill that is continuous with groups of five players.

Athlete Movements:  The drill starts with an outlet pass to the sideline and a quick relay pass to the middle of the court. The player receiving the ball in the middle of the court looks to pass the ball ahead for a quick layup. This process continues consistently until the next group is designated to be in.

Teaching Points:

  • The first rotation is all overhead passes and the second time is crisp chest passes.
  • Coaches can adapt the use of any type of pass to vary the drill to the needs of their team.

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