Defensive Drills from 2014 NCAA Championship Coach, Geno Auriemma!

2014 NCAA Championship Coach, Geno Auriemma, takes you through how to teach and execute proper on the ball defense. Utilizing these proper techniques and understanding your opponent’s strengths are key in disrupting the opposing team’s offensive design. It is the fine details that are often overlooked, but they are the most essential and effective. Coach Auriemma displays these keys in his on-court demonstration.

On The Ball Defense

Drill Setup: Two players are in a 1-on-1 situation.  The defender is looking to string out the attack dribble made by the offense.

Athlete Movements: When the ball is picked up, it is the defenders job to guard the opponent and create an uncomfortable position for the offense. Once the whistle is blown again the player must take another attack dribble toward another specified area on the court. Coach Auriemma also describes how to defend your opponent and how to place your players in the most successful position.

Teaching Points: Auriemma stresses the importance of being aware of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, early and often.

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