Create Multiple Opportunities to Score in the Box Offense!

Nick Cammarano is the head coach of the Frank Antonides Middle School Boys Basketball Team and has achieved almost 300 career wins in 15 seasons. Here you will see two drills related to the Box Offense. The essentials of both drills is for the 2 and 3 to make quick step movements executing the V-Cut and being able to square up to the basket for a shot, or drive to the rim. The V-Cut and the Tandem Guards drills are great for practicing how to freeze or misguide a defender, and creating various opportunities to score.

V-Cuts / Tandem Guards

Drill Setup: For the Box Offense V-Cuts Drill, the 1 man will start at the top of the parameter and the 2 and 3 will be at each low post block (either the left or right side of the paint). And for the Tandem Guards Drill, the 1’s are on the perimeter near the wings and the 2 and 3 are near the low post blocks on the left and right side of the paint, respectively.

Athlete Movements: On the start command for the V-Cut Drill, the 1 dribbles toward the basket and passes the ball to either the 2 or 3 depending on who is open after executing a V-Cut toward the nearest wing. Next, the 1 sprints toward the man he or she did not pass to and screens for the weak side player coming around the perimeter. The player with the ball can either take a shot or pass to the man coming around the perimeter at the top of the key and screen for the weak side player coming to the top of the perimeter, usually the 1.

In the Tandem Guards Drill each 1 dribbles toward the basket while the low post 2 and 3 make a V-Cut to the nearest wing looking for a shot off the catch, or a drive to the basket.

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