Create More Scoring Opportunities by Cutting Without the Ball!

John Danowski, led his Duke University Lacrosse program to a 2013 and 2010 NCAA Men’s Championship title! Coach Danowski teaches the concept that every offensive player can be a threat to shoot. He emphasizes that cutting is an important factor in becoming open and getting a quick shot on goal. 

Inside Shooting Exercise

Drill Setup:

The drill begins with players in a line approximately 15 yards above GLE and about 5 yards outside the far pipe. A coach or another player is the feeder that is about 10-15 yards outside the near pipe and about 5 yards below GLE. The feeders could be attackmen and the shooters could be middies.

Athlete Movements:

The shooter begins by running forward and to his left slightly away from the crease, plants his left foot, and makes a hard cut to the right running to the middle of the area in front of the crease. The feeder passes the ball directly to the shooter, who takes the time to catch the ball, cradle it, while continuing to run across the crease, and shooting to the back third of the goal (or inside the far pipe), because a goalie would have been protecting the near pipe.

Teaching Points:

  • Notice that the shooter changes hands on his dodge in order to set up the eventual shot on the back third of the cage.
  • The drill can be modified easily by placing a coach in the middle of the passing lane and making the shooter cut a second time to go backdoor for the pass.
  • If you modify the drill as mentioned in the previous teaching point, this requires the player to change his stick/hand position a second time.

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