Gregg Marshall Provides you with a Great Shooting Drill!

In this video clip with Wichita State Head Coach, Gregg Marshall, the ‘Rip and Pull Up’ shooting drill is highlighted. This is done to simulate the defense attempting to make a steal from the offense and can be used as a warm-up at practice.

Rip and Pull Up

Athlete Movements: In this warm-up shooting drill, the line of players each have a ball on the baseline and they will pass to a manager or coach at the top. They will then make a cut to get open on the wing, receive and pass back, and then rip the ball through and shoot a one dribble pull up.

Teaching Points: The coaches emphasize ripping the ball through hard and using that one dribble to really “go somewhere” and escape the defense.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Skill Development Workout: Guards.” View other videos in this Basketball Skill Development Workout Series.

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