Work on Your Max Velocity Phase for the Hurdles!

Kansas State University Head Track and Field Coach, Cliff Rovelto, provides you with a great drill for working on sprint mechanics that will help with the max velocity phase of the hurdle events. Here, the athlete performs an “A” Run over 4 banana hurdles. This will teach sprint mechanics for the later part of the hurdle event.

“A” Run Over Low Hurdles

One athlete performs this drill. The athlete is staying tall with his thighs parallel to the ground, an important part to applying force into the ground. Coach Rovelto gives an excellent explanation of this drill and goes into why drills are done during practice. This is a great drill to teach running tall and the importance of front side mechanics in applying force into the ground. This drill can be done all year and in any gym or track complex to help give greater meaning to why sprint mechanics are so important during the second half of any sprint/hurdle event.

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