Raise the Bar with This High Jump Instruction!

John Gartland, 10x Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year, explains a simple drill that will get your athletes to lean from their ankles and improve their approach, leading to higher jumps. This drill will improve the flexibility in the ankles of your athletes and make them think about their approach footwork in an easy-to-follow way. 

Circle Drill

Gartland shows you how to set-up the drill, which is based on each individual jumper’s approach. A circle is drawn in chalk or tape on the track and athletes perform the drill while the coach provides feedback. This drill will help your athletes keep their speed at an optimum during their approach, because your jumpers will learn to not lose speed from the approach. This drill can be performed during any part of the season and will be a useful addition to any track coach’s high jump drills progression.

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