Learn the 5 Keys to a Successful Freestyle!

Coley Stickels has coached National Age Group record holders and Olympic Trials finalists and in this segment, he presents 5 key ideas that need to be understood and reinforced if the swimmer is to improve his or her freestyle performance.

Keys to Freestyle

The first key is the need for a high elbow catch with the elbow out in front of the head. 2nd, he explains that underwater video of top swimmers show they move their hand under the body so that their thumb moves by their belly button and then pushes into the outsweep. 3rd, Stickels demonstrates how the distance swimmer enters the hand near the head and sways the arm outward while the sprinter’s entering arm and hand resemble a claw. 4th, he demonstrates the need for a quick breath and return to a flat position before the recovery hand enters the water with the breath taken in an air-pocket and a long high neck. 5th, Stickels explains that distance freestylers utilize considerable body roll in their stroke while sprinters stay fairly flat in the water.

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