Work on the Low Post with All of Your Players!

Sean Miller is the current men’s basketball coach at the University of Arizona. Coach Miller believes all players should learn how to play with their backs to the basket. It doesn’t matter if you’re a center or point guard. Watch as he starts off with the ‘Mikan Drill’ that emphasizes proper footwork. 

Basic Low Post Play

Athlete Movements: You must go off the right foot on the left side of the basket and off the left foot on the right side of the hoop. It’s also critical that the player in the drill does not bring the ball down low. This prevents the player from being stripped of the ball during a game situation. On the shot, getting proper rotation on the ball is very important. Coach Miller emphasizes rolling the ball off of your thumb for the correct rotation.

Teaching Points: 

1) Keep the Ball No Lower Than Your Shoulder

2) Proper Footwork

3) Roll the Basketball Off of the Thumb for Proper Rotation on the Shot.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Sean Miller’s Father and Son Basketball Workout.” View the latest video selections on Youth Basketball Drills.

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