Use a Shooting Drill from Geno Auriemma!

Geno Auriemma is the current women’s basketball coach at the University of Connecticut. A big part of UConn’s offense is playing through the high post. Coach Auriemma works on breakdown drills everyday which simulate movements throughout his offense and you will see those movements in this segment.

UConn Shooting Drill

Athlete Movements: In this drill, the post player starts low and sprints to just above the elbow area. The post player will catch an entry pass from a guard, get wide, and chin the ball. The passer will then set up his/her cut, get the ball back, and get a layup or short jump shot off of the handoff. This drill not only works on the guard cutting, but also the timing of the handoff and the entry pass. The players must also call out each other’s names on the pass and the handoff.

Teaching Points:

1) Timing the Post Entry Pass

2) The Post Player Being Strong with the Basketball

3) Cutting Hard to Ensure a Clean Handoff

4) Timing the Handoff

5) Simulating a Game Shot at Game Speed

6) Communication

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