Promote Toughness on the Defensive End of the Court!

Huntington Prep (WV) has produced such stars as Andrew Wiggins (Top Recruit for the 2013-2014 College Season) and Gorgui Deng (Starting Center for the 2013 National Champion Louisville Cardinals). Head Coach, Rob Fulford, has his team perform the ‘Ironman Drill’ which Huntington Prep uses to promote toughness within its basketball program. It is made up of four components, three of which are on the defensive end of the floor. 


Athlete Movements: The player in the drill first must contend with contact in the post. That player is pushed and bumped. Second, that same player must dive for a loose ball near the opposite sideline and simulate tipping it to a teammate. Next, that same player must simulate being in help defense inside the lane and taking a charge from a coach, who drives middle. Finally, that player caps off the drill by receiving a length of the floor pass and converting a layup or dunk down on the opposite end of the court. Not only does this drill teach toughness, but it also encourages enthusiasm among the team.

Teaching Points: 

1) Accept that there is contact in basketball
2) Proper timing when diving for a loose ball
3) Make sure your shoulders are square and feet are set when taking a charge
4) Sprint the floor and time getting to a long pass for a layup

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