Shooting and Conditioning with the “Six Ball Shooting Drill”

Terry Layton has over 300 wins on the college, junior college, and high school levels. Coach Layton has also racked up 300 coaching wins at the international level. Here, Layton will show you the ‘Six Ball Shooting Drill’ which can act as a conditioning exercise for your perimeter players. The drill simulates sprinting the floor, catching in transition, and scoring. 

Six Ball Shooting Drill

Athlete Movements: This would mimic a scenario where the defense turns over the offense and they are shooting quickly in the conversion from defense to offense. There are three kinds of shots in the drill: 1) Catch and shoot mid-range 2) Catch midrange, shot fake, and pull up 3) Catch and shoot behind the 3-point line. There is also emphasis on the passers in this drill. The passers must deliver the ball right where the shooter wants it, inside the shooting pocket.

Teaching Points:

1) Run the floor hard
2) Catch & Be ready to shoot
3) Good passes
4) Work on shot fakes and scoring off the dribble

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