Improve Quickness and Change of Direction with the “T Drill”

Rob Rose of True Athlete Performance shares the tools you need to better evaluate your players’ performance with a test that isolates specific abilities. This agility drill is a way to measure the quickness of an athlete and their ability to change direction. The learnings are appropriate for all age levels.

The T Drill

How it Works: You need four cones and a stopwatch. The four cones are set up in a “T” formation. The player begins at the line and the stopwatch is started once the athlete begins to move. The athlete has to run and touch the middle cone, shuffle to touch the right cone, turn and run to touch the far left cone, shuffle back to touch the middle cone, then backpedal across the starting/finish line. It is important that the player touch the top of each cone.

Drill Tips: This drill can be used as a great way to develop change of direction speed for defensive players. Because this drill doesn’t take much space, you could run several different groups at the same time.

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