Improve Your Ball Handling with this Dribbling Exercise!

Being able to take foot quickness and ball handling, and implement it into eye hand coordination goes a long long way on the court each season. Myron Epps of the Aztec Basketball Academy takes those important skills and adds multiple ball skills to his foot quickness drills in order to maximize his players’ ability to control the ball in various situations. Turnovers play a huge role in the outcome of a game in addition to the ability to lead and control an offense. These ball handling agility workouts will help build that body control, while building ball skills needed.

Dribbling Circuit

Athlete Movements: Players begin with one small cone and perform 10 circles with the left hand and 10 circles with right hand. The player then adds an additional cone and performs a “figure 8” ten times with each hand. Lastly, Epps will have the athletes go to the baseline and put together the between the legs cross over in full court and end with cross over wall touches.

Teaching Points: Focus on the between the legs cross over to build muscle memory.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training – Workout 1.” View the latest video selections on Player Training/Skills.

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