Create High Percentage Shots for Your Offense!

Creator of the Attack and React Offense, Andrew Grantz, shows you how attacking the rim creates gaps within a defense, and ultimately creates high percentage perimeter shots for your offense. Take these attacking drills and skills, and build your offensive mentality to attack the rim. Apply these attack and react concepts and provide your players with the open looks they desire.

Phase 1 Breakdown Drills

Athlete Movements: Coach takes you through the basic breakdown of the 4 out 1 in attacking and reacting offense. Coach focuses on the inside players reaction to an aggressive drive to the basket in order to create space for a high percentage field goal. Coach moves to the next aspect of phase 1 by adding another perimeter player. Now, both the perimeter and inside player will react to the aggressive drive. The inside player reacts opposite and the perimeter player will lift for a proper angle pass for a perimeter shot.

Teaching Points: The perimeter player should aggressively drive into the paint and the inside player needs to react to go opposite of the drive in order to create space and high percentage field goals.

For the next phase, the guard will take an aggressive drive with the post player reacting opposite, while the closest perimeter player will lift for an effective angle to create a perimeter shot.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills.” View the latest video selections on Offensive Drills.

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