Play Better Transition Basketball with Geno Auriemma!

Geno Auriemma is the current women’s basketball coach at the University of Connecticut. His resume includes 8 national championships and 8 National Coach of the Year awards. The drill below promotes transition basketball and focuses on passing while moving. Talking and leading your teammate down the floor with the ball is critical. 

Full Court Passing/3 vs. 0 Back

Athlete Movements: Each player must call out the name of the teammate he or she is passing to. Once the three players in the drill reach the opposite baseline, it is 3 vs. 0 coming back on offense. The player in the middle is the ball handler. The other two players in the drill are running the wings at full speed. It’s critical the ball handler gets from the baseline to the opposite top of the key in as few dribbles as possible. In other words, you must cover as much ground as you can with the least amount of dribbles. When the ball handler reaches the top of the key he will jump stop and bounce pass to one of the wings for a layup.

Teaching Points:

1) Talking
2) Good Passes Which Lead Your Teammates Down the Floor
3) Cover as Much Ground as You Can with One Single Dribble
4) Have a Goal for Makes in a Certain Amount of Time

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