Dribble Past Your Defender with These Skill Moves!

Sean Miller is the current men’s basketball coach at the University of Arizona. In his short tenure at Arizona, Coach Miller has won a Pac 12 Championship and Pac 12 Coach of the Year honors. In this video clip, Coach Miller and his sons work on the inside-out move. You can also incorporate a hesitation and crossover move in this series. 

Moves on the Move

Athlete Movements: Cones are needed to simulate where a defender would be in the open court. Coach Miller wants each player to make three dribbles before each cone. He also wants to alternate each type of layup. On one end of the floor, he wants the players to power up off of two feet for layups. Meanwhile, on the opposite end he wants players to do the traditional layup off of one foot. Coach Miller wants each player to explode and drive by after making each move. As with all ball handling drills Coach Miller does, he stresses not to fear making a mistake. Mistakes are a good thing because you know you are getting pushed outside of your comfort zone.

Teaching Points:

1) Conditioning
2) Carrying Out the Move and Then Finding a Faster Speed to Blow by the Defender
3) Maximizing Your Dribble
4) Finishing at the Basket

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Sean Miller’s Father and Son Basketball Workout.” View the latest video selections on Youth Basketball Training.

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