The Overload Principle: Drills that are Tougher Than the Games!

Coach Fran Fraschilla believes in really looking at defense in terms of preparation prior to the season, and making sure that drills are logical, progressive, and habitual. He also believes in the “Overload Principle,” where conditions are created within the drills that are harder for players than game situations. The ‘Switch Drill’ and ‘Change Drill’ are two drills that instill this principle and build communication and mental toughness for players.

Switch Drill & Change Drill

Player Movements:

The Switch drill is a variation of a drill made famous by Coach Bob Knight. Watch how Coach Fraschilla shows this as a drill that will promote a tremendous amount of talk defensively. The drill begins in a 4-on-4 Shell Drill setting. The offensive team will pass and cut until the coach makes a “Switch” call. At that point, the offensive puts the ball on the floor and the offense goes to defense, while the defense goes to offense. One restriction is that when you switch to defense, you cannot guard the man that was guarding you.

The Change Drill progresses from the Switch Drill, by working on defensive transition and building defense from the inside-out in a full-court setting. The Change Drill is run until the coach says “Change”, which initiates the offense going to defense and defense going to offense, but this time the players are changing ends.


Teaching Points: For the Switch Drill, this promotes a tremendous amount of communication and teamwork to get the ball stopped, and keep it out of the lane. And for the Change Drill, this forces talk amongst the players, and also for the new defensive team to sprint back to the paint and immediately build their defense out.

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