Great Fundamental Drill for the Dribble Drive Attack!

Although known as a basketball innovator with his Dribble Drive Attack Offense, Vance Walberg shows a couple of time-tested and proven drills that many coaches will recognize in this edition of the newsletter. However, with the Scramble Drill, Coach Walberg shows that it truly is the “little things” – the concepts and details – that lead to success of the Dribble Drive or any offense.

Scramble Drill

Player Movements: This drill has commonly been called 11-Man Break, and is a continuous 3-on-2 drill that begins with 3 offensive players attacking 2 defenders. When the shot is taken by the offense, the rebound is up for grabs by any of the 5 players. The player that secures the rebound will make an outlet pass to the first player in the outlet line on his side and the drill continues.

Teaching Points: Watch how Coach Walberg incorporates principles of his Dribble Drive Attack Offense by emphasizing where players should spot up, move to on penetration, and run lanes with proper spacing.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Vance Walberg: Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense.” To view the latest video selections on Dribble Drive Motion Offense.

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