Plyometric Drills that can Increase Your Horizontal Jumps!

Ken Brauman was the 2012 US Olympic Team Head Manager and you can learn horizontal jump drills from him in this series of plyometric jumps requiring little or no equipment. These drills are a must for those who are looking for some basic plyometric drills that show the drill in detail and explain how and why to do them.

Plyometric Drill Sequence

Drill 1: The first drill is called continuous hopping and requires the athlete to hop a set distance on a single leg. This drill is shown using the takeoff leg only but could easily be expanded to both legs to develop balance and coordination.

Drill 2: The second drill is a common warm up bounding drill. The plus here is that we see video and hear commentary describing ideal athlete leg and arm position during the drill.

Drill 3: The sequence is finished with the alternate triple jump drill where the first two drills are combined to produce a dynamic coordination drill that could be used for not only jumpers but with all athletes in your program.

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