5 New Baseball Videos from the University of Louisville Coaching Staff!

Dan McDonnell is the University of Louisville Head Coach who has collected over 300 career wins including 2 College World Series appearances! Now you can get a complete look at the key components that have helped Coach McDonnell’s team, and incorporate them into your practices and games. See more on the five new Baseball videos below:

Practice Drills for Baserunning

  • Learn how to increase run production

  • Improve your players’ conditioning

  • Learn how to train players to react quickly to the pitcher’s movements prior to the pitch



Practice Drills for Hitting


  • Learn how to improve individual performance with a six-phase hitting practice

  • Learn drills to increase power and control of players’ swings

  • Discover unique practice drills to improve hitters’ vision


Practice Drills for Pitching


  • Learn how to maximize performance and minimize injuries with proper warm-up

  • Train pitchers to become more efficient with movements prior to and during the wind-up and stretch

  • Discover individual strength and flexibility workouts that translate into success on the mound


Drills & Techniques for Developing Catchers

  • Develop the fundamental skills every catcher needs

  • Build great blocking skills so your pitchers have the confidence to throw any pitch in any situation

  • Shut down your opponent’s run game with effective throws to bases



Practice Drills for Infielders & Outfielders

  • Learn how to improve infielders throwing accuracy and quickness

  • Learn how to run a fungo circuit that will maximize reps for infielders

  • Discover a slow roller circuit for infielders




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Louisville Practice Drills Series

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