3 New Softball Videos from Patty Gasso (2013 National Champion)!

Oklahoma University Softball Head Coach, Patty Gasso, led her team to a 2013 WCWS Championship title! Her team became the first ever WCWS champion to lead the nation in scoring and ERA. You will get a look at open practice covering concepts on offense and defense.

Aggressive Defensive Strategies


  • Learn how to use strategic defensive alignments to defend against bunts, slaps, steals and more

  • Learn how to train your players to attack the lead-out with multiple runners on base

  • Teach your pitchers to hit certain locations within the strike zone based on where your defense is playing



Aggressive Offensive Strategies


  • Learn how to use aggressive offensive strategies to force defensive mistakes and score more runs

  • Learn how to score runs without touching the ball in first and third situations

  • Discover how an “angle down” play can be used to put pressure on the defense



Open Practice with Patty Gasso

  • Learn how to run a fast-paced team practice

  • Learn outfield drills to improve a player’s ability to track a fly ball, get around a ground ball and throw to any base

  • Discover how range drills can enhance team athleticism

  • Learn drills that encourage quick decision-making while base running

  • Discover how to use hitting stations to work simultaneously with multiple hitters


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