Stop the Dribble Using These Defensive Exercises!

Huntington Prep Head Coach, Rob Fulford, has produced 23 NCAA Division I basketball players from 2010 – 2013 including Andrew Wiggins and Gorgui Deng. Help defense is the name of the game in this next clip which features both the “Sword Fighting Drill” and the “Help & Recover Drill.”  The “Sword Fighting Drill” is used to practice stopping dribble penetration into a gap of the defense and then recovering. While the “Help & Recover Drill” uses the same concepts except in a 3-on-3 setting.

Sword Fighting & Help/Recover Drill

Player Movements: In the “Sword Fighting Drill”, players pair up across from each other and simulate coming together to stop a dribble drive. They will touch hands to stop the ball and then recover or close out to their man with a hand up to contest a potential shot. Coach Fulford stresses quickly stepping in to help and then to step out to recover. This is a simple drill but it really drives home the need to recover with a hand up if that ball handler kicks the basketball to a shooter after he is stopped driving middle.

In the “Help & Recover Drill”, three perimeter players are looking to drive the ball into the gaps of the defense. The defenders must help or pinch to stop the dribble. As with the “Sword Fighting Drill”, the defense must recover with a hand up to contest a shot when the ball is kicked out to the perimeter.

Teaching Points: React quickly and stop dribble penetration (Prevent gap penetration). Recover quickly with a hand up to contest a potential 3-point shot

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Huntington Prep High School Basketball Practice.” To view the latest video selections on Player Training, click here.

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