Keep Your Opponent Off Balance with this Transition Drill!

Do you want to get your players to run the full court better on a make to score in transition? Xavier Head Coach, Chris Mack, provides the “Run the Circuit” drill to help create an up-tempo mentality for your squad. You will also see how adding the step up screen in transition will get the defense off balance to create high percentage shots on the run.

Run the Circuit Drill


Player Movements: The drill begins with a quick outlet from the four player to the one player. Every possession you must begin with the quick outlet to the one guard. The 2 and 3 guard run on split sides up the sideline, with the 5 player executing a rim run.

Teaching Points: This drill continues for five possessions with each player touching the ball for a quick lay in each time. All possessions must be completed in a combined 28 seconds.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Chris Mack: Winning with a Structured Fast Break.” To view the latest video selections on Fast Break, click here.

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