Create Effective Fast Pace Transitions with Andy Enfield!

Andy Enfield is the former Gulf Coast University Head Coach who took the first 15 seed to the Sweet Sixteen in 2013. In this segment, Coach Enfield tells you how fast paced transition practices lead to fast paced transitions during a game. You will learn how to properly space your players in these situations and discover the ‘Penetrate and Kick’ drill.

Fast Pace Transitions

Player Movements: The weak side 4 takes a half step toward the basket and then sprints behind the defense to catch a lob pass from the 1 whenever there is middle penetration. After 6 passes are made starting with a pass to the 4, the 5 man who is near the front of the basket sets up a blocking screen for the 3 man who dribbles on the perimeter toward the top of the key expecting to pass to the 5 man, who looks for a pass to score.

Teaching Points: Coach Enfield points out that the basics of this drill is making sure the players make a quick transition from defense to offence ensuring that each player is properly spaced. An extremely important element of this drill is instructing players to practice at a fast pace in order to establish a fast paced offensive state of mind during games.

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