Alan Stein Will Help You Develop a Stronger Defense!

Owner of Stronger Team and world class Strength & Conditioning coach, Alan Stein, provides you with a high energy defensive conditioning exercise. The ‘3 Spot Contest’ drill will help athletes become more explosive with their movements and develop a faster reaction time. 

3 Spot Contest

Player Movements: Players are going to start under the rim. Then, depending on the color of the card held up, players will sprint to the corresponding colored cone. When they step to the cone at the top, they must have their hands up and be yelling “shot, shot, shot” followed by a box out and sprinting back to touch the backboard. If it is one of the side cones, the player will step as if they are preparing to take a charge.

Drill Tips: Use your creativity to make the activity more challenging and fun for your players.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Alan Stein’s DeMatha Basketball: Agility & Conditioning.” To view the latest video selections on Basketball Conditioning, click here.

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