A Phenomenal Shooting and Conditioning Exercise for Your Next Practice!

From the creator of the Attack and React Offense, Andrew Grantz, delivers a shooting and conditioning drill in which the players are constantly moving and taking as many shots as possible within a two minute stretch. You will also see an element of pressure in that the pace of an individual player affects the pace of the collective group.

Olympic Shooting

Player Movements: The drill starts with a pass from player 1 to player 2; during this action player 3 will shoot a ball. Player 2 shoots the ball after receiving the pass from player 1. After the pass, player 1 will move out to the perimeter and spot up, player 3 will rebound their shot and kick it out to player 1 before moving out to the perimeter to receive a pass from player 2 who has rebounded their shot.

Teaching points: Emphasize getting into a shooting rhythm and keeping good form as you fatigue.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills.” To view the latest video selections on Offensive Drills, click here.

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