Medicine Ball Routine to Develop Your Hurdlers!

Clemson University Director of Track & Field, Lawrence Johnson, shows us a great block start drill using a medicine ball and a section of high jump mat. The athletes perform a double leg two-handed squat throw onto the high jump mat, simulating the explosive takeoff of a block start.

Medicine Ball Routine

Several athletes are shown performing the drill and many coaching points are given.  This is a great drill to isolate one of the basic power movements of the block start.  Use this drill prior to outdoor practice or as a station in a med ball circuit during the general fitness phase of the season.

Gain more insight and an additional video clip from, “Building an Explosive Hurdler.” Discover other great Hurdles videos apart of our large Track & Field collection!


Liked the med ball drill because it helps my sprinters/hurdles understand how to explode out of the blocks and gives them a better understanding of the real purpose of the blocks during the start. This drill helps them to understand the push value of the blocks in starting their acceleration down the track. Too many young HS sprinters/hurdles just use the blocks as someplace to put their feet and don’t realize how much they can help their acceleration if properly used. Will be using this drill extensively during the season to help teach explosion out of the blocks.

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