Iowa State’s Double Drag with Fred Hoiberg!

2012 Big 12 Co-Head Coach of the Year and former 10-year NBA veteran, Fred Hoiberg, believes that ball screens in transition are especially hard for teams to defend. The ‘Double Drag’ & ‘Double Pin Down’ allow for multiple scoring options and would be an effective call following a free throw.

Double Drag & Double Pin Down

Player Movements: The first option that Hoiberg demonstrates is the ‘Double Drag’ with scoring opportunities for the point guard to turn the corner with a shooter in the corner, a roll to the basket by the first screener, and a pop by the second screener with a subsequent 2nd ball screen.

The ‘Double Pin Down’ set is where the two screeners will set the ball screens then double down for the shooter in the corner, which promises an open look for a shooter. This option also includes a slip by the first screener.

Drill Tips: Make sure to keep proper spacing during the ‘Double Drag.’ For the ‘Double Pin Down’ it is important to have a good double screen and that the shooter slips right by the double screen for a jump shot or lay-up.


The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets.” To view the latest video selections on Fast Break Drills, click here.

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