Prevent the Attackers from Creating Scoring Chances!

Rollins College Head Coach, Dennis Short, led his team to a 2012 NCAA Final Four appearance and knows what can take your defense to the next level. Coach Short’s defensive instruction segment provides great information on how to dictate where you want your attacker to go rather than reacting to your attacker.

Defensive Instruction

Drill Essentials 

Staying behind the attacker is key when they tuck in. This allows your defender to make a check on the opponent’s stick. It will also help you block the attacker from rolling and giving your fellow defender the chance to come to help.

Player Movements 

As the defender comes toward an attacker, line up the inside shoulder with the attacker’s shoulders. Run with the attacker in a trail position and keep your stick up. The defender will continue to stay behind and on the strong side of the attacker.

Drill Tips

For better “team” defense, focus on the mechanics of the body and hand positioning of forcing. Always maintain a trail position!


Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Installing a High Pressure Defense.” If you’re interested in more Team Defense drills, click here.

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