Improve Your Player’s Agility by Using Dodging Drills!

Two different and effective dodges are covered in this segment by former collegiate player and current high school coach, Jason Breyo. These drills are great for developing the stick work and cradling needed for long poles. Practice maintaining possession of the ball while executing the dodges and improving your player’s agility. 

Dodging Drills

Drill Essentials 

Goalies can participate in these drills along with the defenders. These dodging drills can be used with Attack and Middie players as well.

Player Movements 

The defenders are in a traditional line drill, facing each other, while Coach Breyo demonstrates how to perform each dodge and then the players practice the moves.

Drill Tips

Don’t expect perfect execution, but with emphasis on the proper principles and techniques, the players’ skills will develop over time.


Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Defensive Skills & Drills for Youth Lacrosse.” If you’re interested in more Individual Defense drills, click here.

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