Develop Your Team’s Offense with a Popular Shooting Exercise!

Mark Petrone was part of the coaching staff that led The Haverford School to a 2011 LaxPower High School Boys Lacrosse National Championship title. Coach Petrone develops his players’ shooting and the team’s offense. Using this drill will reinforce correct player and ball movement.  

Fade Shooting

Drill Setup

There are two separate lines of players, each twenty yards above GLE and on the hash marks (five to ten yards outside of the pipes) with another player closer to the goal – approximately five to ten yards above the right pipe and at the hash marks.

Player Movements

To begin, the top player on the right passes to the top player on the left who dodges towards the cage. He turns and passes back to the initial feeder who has moved towards the middle (between the two hash lines). He then passes the ball down to the player that began closer to the cage for a shot. This drill incorporates dodging and then reversing the ball from one side of the cage to the other by passing back to the top player.

Drill Tips

Remind the dodger and the player closer to the cage to stay wide in order to spread the defense and create space for shooting.


Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “High School Coaching Academy: Efficient Shooting Drills for Lacrosse Practice.” If you’re interested in more Shooting drills, click here

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