Learn to Make Your Ball Screens More Effective!

UT-Arlington Head Coach, Scott Cross, talks about “caboosing” the hedge man who is defending a ball screen. Watch as Coach Cross uses an effective drill to practice this technique. It allows players to work on post entries, reverse pivoting, skip passes, and ultimately ball screen offense and ball screen defense.

Caboosing Ball Screen Defense

Player Movements: There will be a group of guards located on each side of the floor. One guard is on offense and the other guard is on defense. A post man and post defender will be on the ball side block.

The guard, with the ball, will enter the ball into the post. That post player will reverse pivot and skip the ball to the opposite guard, who is just above foul line extended. The post player will then follow his skip pass and run into the ball screen.

Once the man guarding the ball screener retreats after hedging. Coach Cross wants that ball handler to “caboose” or attack. The big setting the screen will go opposite and be ready to catch a second basketball for a jump shot.

Drill Essentials: Coach Cross emphasizes two important concepts with the ball screen. The first is the guard with the ball must create separation so that the ball screen will be an effective one. That guard will step into the defender and force him back to create that space. Secondly, the ball screener must put his chest into the shoulder of the man guarding the ball to get the most out of the screen.

Drill Tips: What Coach Cross means by “caboosing”, is the guy with the ball, who receives the ball screen, will wait until the hedge man retreats to attack the paint.

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