Improve Your Defense Off the Ball!

Legendary college basketball coach, Rick Majerus, provides you with a scenario involving a dribble hand-off between an average skilled post player and one of the top scorers being chased. Enhance your defense by knowing which players to focus on in a dribble hand-off situation.

Defending the Dribble Hand-Off

Player Movements:  #5 in blue screams “Hand-off!” so his teammate, who is denying #2 in white, knows it’s coming. Just like with a ball screen, the man guarding the big will aggressively hedge with a hand up onto the guard receiving the ball. #5 and #2 in blue should have no concern for the big handing off the ball. The point man in the triangle zone is responsible for the big rolling or popping after the hand-off.

Drill Essentials: As always, everything begins with communication.

Drill Tips: The two main points of the aggressive hedge are to 1) challenge a potential shot and 2) to prevent the guard from turning the corner and getting into the paint.

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