Billy Donovan Teaches You How to Pivot in the Post!

2x NCAA Championship coach, Billy Donovan, feels all young players should work on pivoting in the low post. He believes it gets players to feel comfortable inside and it teaches valuable footwork needed to excel in the game of basketball. Coach Donovan also likes this drill because it will force a young player to score with his or her non-dominant hand.

Pivoting from the Low Post

Player Movements: The player will drop step towards the baseline in the first series to simulate a defender playing on the high side of the post. In the second series, the player will drop step to the middle to simulate a defender playing on the low side of the post.

Drill Setup: 2 chairs, 2 basketballs, 2 people (one to rebound, one to place the ball back on the chair). Each chair will be placed between the first and second hash mark located above each block. There will be a ball placed on each chair.

Drill Tips:  It’s critical that the player drops the foot before picking up the basketball. If the player picks up the ball, then drops the foot, he or she will be called for a traveling violation because that player is changing pivot feet. Coach Donovan also wants the player to pick up the ball with both hands to get him or her into the habit of catching a post entry pass with two hands.

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