Achieve Better Ball Handling and Shooting with Sherri Coale!

Highly successful Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Sherri Coale, runs players through a two ball dribble drill with the cones. Using this drill will help develop your players’ ball handling ability as well as their shooting ability.

Two Ball Dribble at the Cone

Player Movements: The drill begins with a player doing an alternate dribble with two basketballs towards the first cone. That player will pass the basketball on the outside (right) hand to the coach on the right side of the floor. Immediately after the player passes the first ball, she will cross the second ball over from her left to right hand and attack the rim for a right-handed lay up. That player will then come off the second cone on the block, simulating a pin down screen for a corner 3-point shot on the right side. The corner 3 will come from the same coach, who received the first basketball at the start of the drill.

Coach Coale tweaks the drill at the end of this clip.  The drill starts the same way, but instead of going in for a layup, the player will pull up for an elbow jump shot.  After shooting the jumper, the player will simulate setting a back screen and will step high for a top of the key 3-point shot.

Drill Setup: Place one cone at the top of the key just about the 3-point line, have a coach with a basketball at the free throw line extended, and put one cone on the block which is on the same side as the coach

Drill Tips: When switching sides, the coach will move to the left side of the floor. The player will pass the ball from the left hand, cross the ball over from right to left, go in for a left-handed layup, and come off a pin down screen for a 3-point shot in the left corner.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Perimeter Player Skill Development.” To view the latest video selections on Women’s Basketball Player Drills, click here

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