Secure a 2 on 1 tie for More Takedowns!

The all-time wins leader at Wyoming University, Joe Le Blanc, begins with a 2 on 1 that was his most effective tie up for scoring. Le Blanc shows how the 2 on 1 tie is an effective control tie and a great way to limit the offense of one’s opponent.

Two on One

The main way to secure the tie comes from the opponent’s collar tie. Coach Le Blanc secures the 2 on 1 with a “monkey grip” (all five fingers acting as a hook) at both the upper bicep and the wrist. Next, he steps in tight with his near leg, and stands the opponent up. (So, if a person is a left leg lead, they will prefer to control the opponent’s right arm.) Coach LeBlanc completes this sequence by demonstrating the basic set up for most takedowns: make the opponent step with the leg that will be attacked.

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