Basketball Coach Newsletter Issue #75

Use This Great International Basketball Drill in Your Next Warm-Up

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Highly respected international basketball consultant, Terry Layton, provides you with the Argentine Drill. Coach Layton introduces this full court warm-up drill which features passing, finishing in transition, running the floor at full speed, and rebounding. 

Argentine Drill

Player Movements: The drill starts with a player under the basket with a ball. He or she will pass to each player going up the sideline. The key player in the drill will get the ball back each time until he or she gets a layup. All of the players, who caught and passed the ball along the sideline, follow up the floor to rebound misses. This conditions everyone to run the floor in transition and to assume a layup will not be made initially.

Drill Essentials: You can tweak this drill to work on both chest passes and bounce passes.

Drill Tips 

1) Solid, crisp passes
2) Passes should lead the player up the floor and to the basket (they shouldn’t have to come back for the ball)
3) Everyone has to run the floor to rebound


The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Explosion and Full Court Drills from Around the World.” To view the latest video selections on Warm-Up Drills, click here.

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