Create Quick Transitions for Better Scoring Opportunities!

2009-10 Basketball Times Rookie Coach of the Year, Chris Mack, shows you a Run the Circuit Drill which focuses on a fast tempo running of the floor while adding a screen. This is a great option to use in transition to create a quick, effective shot and get the defense off balance.  

Step Up Screens

Player Movements: Coach Mack talks about the the implementation of the “Step Up” screen in order to create mismatches and gaps in the defense. Coach also explains the role of the trailer when the step up screen is initiated by the “5” player, or rim runner.

Drill Essentials: Anytime the trailer sees a screen coming in this situation, they need to go the opposite direction and create 15 to 17 feet of spacing.

Drill Tips: Make sure the post player who is setting the screen goes as deep as possible into the defense before cutting back and setting the step up screen.


The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Chris Mack: Winning with a Structured Fast Break.” To view the latest video selections on Fast Break Drills, click here.

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