Strengthen Your Defense with These Ball Screen Exercises!

In this segment we are presented with two scenarios involving ball screens within the Triangle and Two Defense featuring Rick Majerus.  The former National Coach of the Year teaches you that the first line of defense with any screen is communication!  In the first situation, a ball screen is being set for the third best shooter while the second scenario involves both offensive players who are being chased in the Triangle and Two.

Defending Screens

Player Movements: The first ball screen scenario starts with #4, who is not a skilled offensive player, ball screens for #3. Coach Majerus switches this ball screen involving both defenders, who are part of the triangle zone. #4 in blue switches out onto #3 in white, forcing #3 in white to dribble the ball outside of the 3-point line. #3 in blue, who switches to the screener (#4 in white), sags middle and leaves #4 in white wide open.

In the second part of this clip, #2 in white will down screen for #11 in white. Once again, this is a switch for the defense. #11 in blue is two passes away and is playing a step below the line of the ball so that he is not back cut prior to the screen. As #2 in white goes to down screen, #2 in blue calls out the screen.

Drill Essentials: Communicate with your teammates in every screen situation.

Drill Tips: Coach Majerus wants players to switch and immediately deny the down screen between the two offensive players who are being chased in this defense. Coach Majerus shows how, in the point to wing pass, he wants to force a back door cut into the triangle zone.

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