Score More Points with Training from Billy Donovan!

Here is your chance to learn a great basketball drill from 2x NCAA Championship Coach, Billy Donovan, that you can work on with your son or daughter. This exercise can be used for both beginners and players with strong skill sets. This drill involves simply catching the ball, using one dribble to get by a defender who is closing out fast, and pulling up for a jump shot.

Pull Up Jump Shot

Player Movements: In this drill, Coach Donovan has his son catch a pass, take one dribble, and pull up for a jump shot. He will do this six times going to his right and six times going to his left.

Drill Essentials: To get this exercise started, place one cone in the center of the floor either at or above the 3-point line, depending on your child’s range.

Drill Tips: Some of the important teaching points here are: 1) Move quickly past the cone with the dribble, no lateral movement. 2) Get your legs and feet set underneath yourself before shooting the ball to help your balance.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “AAU Basketball Skills Series: Billy Donovan’s Father and Son Workout.” To view the latest video selections on Youth Basketball Training, click here

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