Generate Better Defensive Pressure in Your Next Game!

Improve your players agility and closeouts with Scott Cross, University Texas-Arlington Head Coach. You will see an insightful drill that incorporates agility and working on the techniques which make up a solid closeout. This is also a great exercise to make the most of your agility ladder. 

Ladder Closeouts

Player Movements: A player will start along the baseline, work through the agility ladder, and closeout on the coach who is an offensive player at the top of the key. Once the player clears the ladder, the closeout must be with a wide base and both hands up. One hand should cover the coach’s face while the other hand should trace the basketball.

Once the defender completes this task, they will sprint to the corner and slightly push another defender in the corner, who is taking a charge. That same player, who causes the charge, will take a charge in that same corner for the next player going through the drill.

Drill Essentials: In order to setup this drill, you need to place an Agility Ladder on the court and have a coach holding a basketball at the top of the key.

Drill Tips: Some important teaching points and tips are: 1) Wide base on closeout. 2) Both hands are up and active. 3) Defender’s shoulders should be lower than the offensive player’s shoulders. 4) Be Loud. 5) Force the offensive player to turn his body with the ball.

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