Create Space on the Court to Find the Open Shot!

Whether it’s with her own team at the University of Oklahoma or just skill development in general, Sherri Coale wants all players to take game shots, in game spots, at game speed during any kind of shooting drill. With this series of shooting drills Coach Coale uses two basketballs for down screens, back screens, flare screens and pin downs.

Two Ball Shooting Drills and Screens

Player Movements: She wants the player using the screen to set up the defender for the screen, read how the defender is guarding, and make a hard cut for a shot. The cutter will receive a pass from one coach on the opposite side of the floor, while the screener, who always should go opposite of the cutter, steps to the ball for a shot from the second coach on the opposite side of the court.

Drill Essentials: This drill can be done using coaches, team managers, or other players as passers.

Drill Tips: See tips below for each offensive player’s role in this exercise:

For down screens: 1) straight cut (screener slips to the basket) 2) curl (screener steps high for a shot) or 3) back cut (screener steps high for a shot).

For back screens: 1) use the back screen (screener will step high) or 2) reject the back screen for a shot (screener slips to the rim).

For flare screens: 1) use the flare screen (screener slips to opposite block) 2) curl (screener steps high for a shot) or 3) basket cut (screener steps high for a shot).

For pin downs: 1) straight cut (screener steps to opposite block) or 2) curl (the screener fades for a shot).

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